We live in a small village on the South West (Atlantic) coast of Ireland called GLENBEIGH, the other half of our community is on the other side of the mountain it is called GLENCAR.
This weekend has been momentous for our tiny community.

The Football team (that’s GAA or Gaelic Football, not the Heavily Padded American or the theatrically “injured” Soccer varieties) won the All-Ireland club final for the first time. Our team were to play at the Hallowed Ground of Croke Park in Dublin, the village would be empty (thank you to the Gardai (police) for putting on extra patrols so we had houses to come back to). The like of this had never been seen before, Black & Red, the club’s colours, were everywhere, on lamp posts, road signs, banners and flags on bridges. Signs were to be seen in neighbouring villages wishing “Good Luck to Glenbeigh/Glencar”

These men are all neighbours and friends since their school days, they have long dreamed of a day like this, they are passionate about their football and they will play from as soon as they can lift a ball to the last day their body will let them (and maybe beyond!). If you get hurt you get back up and get on with it, this is a sport for real men after all. One team member is so dedicated he flies in from London every weekend to play. They are not paid, they play for the love of the game, for the pride of their place and the possibility that one day you might, as some of your team mates have, get the call to represent the County (is there any greater honour than to pull on the Kerry Jersey?).

The Result of all this passion? Well if you enjoy sport at all and you are not familiar with our national game please do yourself a favour and sit down for an hour and a half and I promise you are in for a treat. There are two games on the stream but for us it is the first one which matters. Incidentally a Black Card falls between a yellow and a red, player sent off but can be replaced.