Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry by Pauline Bewick, 2010



An Interpretation

A new day is dawning – the freshness and abundance of life in the birch leaves is tangible, so much so you are tempted to reach out and push them aside to steal a glimpse of the beauty that is portrayed beyond. It is these birch trees, growing in the Behy River Valley, that give Glenbeigh its name – Gleann Beithe, the Glen of the Birch Trees.

The cnádán or natterjack toad looks quite content, surrounded by freshly laid plump spawn or eggs. Such quantities of healthy spawn signify that the toad is at home and thrives in the Glenbeigh area. You will find the natterjack on both the Iveragh and Iberian peninsulas. On a fine summer day the climate in Glenbeigh can indeed be described as Iberian, perhaps!

The series of concentric circles hand etched into the rock behind the birch trees is from another time. A prehistoric time, Neolithic to be exact. The most dense concentration or collection of such rock art in Western Europe is located in Glenbeigh. No one is sure what significance these carvings had to the ancient residents of Glenbeigh. A form of writing perhaps? A people paying homage to the sun or solar system? Remember your imagination has no boundary.

The famous Glenbeigh Horseshoe Mountains are depicted in the background. Coomasaharn Lake, with its rare Arctic Char, nestles at the centre of the Horseshoe – just out of view behind the far grove of old oaks at Doire. Overhead soar some large birds, perhaps gulls from nearby Rossbeigh or Cuan na Coille.


The rolling waves of Rossbeigh beach encompass the scene, churning up grains of golden sand. Into these waves Oisín and Niamh Cinn Óir rode on a white horse – away to the land of eternal youth, Tír na nÓg.

In 2010 Glenbeigh Community Council commissioned the renowned artist Pauline Bewick to design a logo for Glenbeigh.  Pauline has lived in Glenbeigh since 1975 and has taken much inspiration for her wonderful art work from Glenbeigh, its people and its places.  She rose to the challenge of creating the logo with unforgettable enthusiasm and in a very short while produced a truly magnificent piece of art.  In addition to creating the original logo, Pauline suggested that she would sign 250 Special Limited Edition prints, on handmade giclee paper.

All funds raised through the sale of these Special Signed Limited Edition Prints will be used to enhance the Glenbeigh Area through art installations and landscaping.  Pauline, your generosity with your time, effort and talent is acknowledged and appreciated by all who admire this fine piece of art.

Thank you.


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