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Welcome to the official website of Glenbeigh Tidy Towns where you will find the most up to date information on all our local activities, bars, restaurants and attractions. Tourism is a huge part of Ireland’s continuing recovery. Since its inception Glenbeigh Tidy Towns has been improving the environment in which we live and has helped to foster Ireland’s image abroad.

Glenbeigh has introduced the Irish Heart Association’s healthy walking program with the Sli na Slainte walking routes in the village. The Dingle Bay view has been opened up at the east entrance at the welcome stone and new birch trees have been planted on either side of the road.

The hydrangea project continues and another 70 yards of plants have been planted on the road at the west entrance to Glenbeigh. We have followed up the footpath project at Rossbeigh with 350 meters of wheelchair accessible pavement along the Ross Road from the beach entrance.

Our children’s project, the Fairy Forest continues to grow to the delight of children and their families. The monthly FoodShare Kerry partnership is a success and we distribute our food in the Community Centre on the third Friday evening of the month from 6 to 6:30.

We want all our visitors to leave with a desire to return.

Glenbeigh Tidy Towns

Glenbeigh Tidy Towns is a voluntary organisation who carry out many projects in the community to make it more attractive to locals and visitors alike. These projects and the ongoing work we are involved in are not possible without the time and effort of the Committee Members, the CE Scheme which we sponsor and the support of the people of Glenbeigh. Through our continued effort and determination we endeavour to continue our work in the community.

Our success in the Tidy Towns competition is dependent on the participation of the community council, home owners and local businesses united together. We believe that with a positive attitude and a little help from everyone we can top our category, improve the character of our lovely little village and thus encourage every single tourist to stop here. Our points are increasing every year.

lenbeigh has become well established as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Ring of Kerry. The Ring of Kerry in many ways is an artery, from the rest of the country that feeds life to the village and locality. It is a tourist attraction known world-wide and each and every visitor who sets out on the expedition of the Ring of Kerry is funneled through the quaint beautiful village of Glenbeigh. This has very obvious advantages from a tourist and economic point of view with visitors stopping to avail of the shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants and varied forms of accommodation available in the area.

Indeed there are many tourists down through the years who stumbled upon Glenbeigh while traveling the Ring of Kerry and who have since returned over and over again – many making it their second home.

Recent Glenbeigh Tidy Towns Projects

The following is a list of projects & work that Glenbeigh Tidy Towns has carried out and ongoing works that are done on a weekly basis:

  • Glenbeigh’s successful run in the national Tidy Towns competition continues in 2018 with a 7 point increase.
  • Expanded the Rossbeigh footpath 350 meters along the Ross Road.
  • Tree planting and opening up the Dingle Bay view near the east welcome stone.
  • Established the Irish Heart Association’s Sli na Sláinte walking route.
  • Castle lighting.
  • Maintaining the grass areas in our graveyards.
  • Our hydrangea project entering the village has been extended with 70 yards of new plants.
  • FoodShare Kerry delivers non-perishable food to us for distribution each month.
  • Maintaining the bottle bank.
  • Power hosing all the paths in the Village.
  • Developing new planting areas.
  • Planting flower tubs, hanging baskets and flower beds.
  • Maintaining these planted areas throughout the year.
  • Litter control. Cleaning of all roads in Glenbeigh roads and beaches. We collected 90 bags of rubbish in Rossbeigh this year 2019.
  • We continue to develop new projects and our planning list is getting longer.
  • In years gone by, Glenbeigh has landscaped picnic areas, placed wildlife information signs, established new hiking paths, created bat habitats, placed plaques and made monuments to our past.
Curra Graveyard
Outside The Old Belfry
Hydrangea Project entering and exiting the Village
Floral Competition
Reenalagane Spring Clean
Maintaining the Bottle Banks
New flower box area around the Bottle bank
Landscaped picnic area at Gowlane
Health Centre
Wildlife signs
Street Powerwashing
Developing new planting areas
Developing new planting areas
Railway monument
Railway monument
Maintaining planted areas
New Off the Road Walkway to Rossbeigh
New Off the Road Walkway to Rossbeigh
Insect Garden
Insect Garden
Insect Garden
Pride of Place
Pride of Place
Replica Rossbeigh Tower
Replica Rossbeigh Tower
Rossbeigh Tower Launch
1916 Commemorative Tree
Bat walk/talk
Bat boxes
Development of Fairy Walk
Fairy Walk
The Behy Bridge
Plaque on The Behy Bridge
Curra Graveyard

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